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backlinks exchange whatsapp group

Backlink Exchange WhatsApp group link 2020:- If you running a website, then you definitely know about backlinks, and how important backlink is, for your site performance and site ranking. But building backlink is very time consuming and you will not get results from those backlinks, because comment backlink, profile backlink is not good for your site, and these backlinks did not have enough capability to rank your site. 

So you need a good backlink in between the post or article and similar to your niche site. This type of backlink is good for your site ranking and you did not get penalized with these links. But the question is here that how you can get High DA PA backlinks, either you have to pay for these types of backlinks or you have yo join our WhatsApp group for free backlinks.

Now you are thinking that hows my WhatsApp group helps you to get the free backlinks. 

Let me discuss ( how to get Free backlinks in my Whatsapp group.)

How to get Free backlinks With Whatsapp group 

As you know you come here for free backlinks for your site, so other people also come here for backlinks. 

Then you join our Whatsapp group and also other people join our group. 

Then there is enough member of the group. All of them are interested in backlinks and all of them having sites. 

So there you have to ask them for a backlink exchange. It is as easy as pie. you one message deliver to 200+ members in a single group. 

And out of 200 members, possibly 50 will DM you back, then talk to them and make a deal to backlinks exchange. 

And in last if only half of the members are interested in your backlink exchange offer then at least you get 25 high-quality backlinks in your site. that give a boost to your site.

Also, you can DM other group members on their backlink exchange offer. 

Loot deal Whatsapp group link

WhatsApp Group Link for Backlink Exchange

Some of the Backlink exchange group is under, you can check out these group and create many high quality, high DA, PA backlinks. It is easy to get 1000 backlinks from these groups. 

Whatsapp group backlink exchange

  1. Unlimited Backlinks LINK
  2. High DA, PA Backlinks  LINK
  3. Backlinks    LINK
  4. backlink group  LINK
  5. 1000 links   LINK
  6. Exchange Backlinks   LINK

Join this Group and get Thousand of backlinks free of cost, just find the best exchanger and deal with them. Exchange your backlinks and rank your site fast. It is a free platform to exchange backlinks. 

Loot deals Whatsapp group

Best Facebook Group For Backlink Exchange 

Facebook is one of the best platforms to get backlinks, you can earn tons of backlinks from Facebook, Just search Backlinks exchange group in Facebook and 1000 of the group appear in the search result, then simply join then and post your ad of backlinks exchange, and then people dm you or comment on your post. If you agreed to exchange backlinks then you can exchange the backlink. 
Check the site DA and spam score of the site. If the spam score is more then 10 then avoid those backlinks. These backlinks affect your ranking. 
Along with thousand of the group on Facebook we also have one small group in Facebook, you can join and earn some from here. 

Facebook Group link For backlink Exchange 

Facebook Backlink ExchangeLINK
Join this Facebook Group and earn many high-quality backlinks for your website and Blog. 

Best Telegram Channel For Backlink Exchange 

Telegram is the best way to get unlimited backlinks, as telegram provide you many facilities as compared to Whatsaap or Facebook. There you can send your ads to thousands of people at a time. which is not possible in Whatsapp. also, more people are now active on Telegram. and Facebook is now outdated. 

Telegram Group For Backlink exchange 

Telegram LINK
Unlimited backlinks and boost your site Ranking fast with less effort and for Free. Join any of the groups and get unlimited backlinks after exchanging. 

What is Backlinks

Google has 200+ methods for determining the rank of the website, but the top method that google uses is Backlinks, Backlinks are important for site rank in search results.

so let’s discuss What is backlinks and how they Work 

Backlink means linking your website to other websites. The more link you build in other sites more your site rank in Google search 

Is backlink Exchange is good for website

It may be good if you make a backlink in a good way, but if you directly do Exchange, your site may be penalized by Google and your ranking maybe go down.

How to exchange backlink perfectely

If you are exchanging backlink, keep these point in mind
Never make backlinks from Spam sites. those who have high spam score.
Never exchange 1 to 1 backlink. means if you are giving backlink to someone form site 1 then you will take backlink for site 2.

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